Christmas Skate Programme 2022 ——- Buy online or Pay Cash at Reception




Buy tickets online here or pay cash on arrival at Reception.

One ticket grants one person entry to skating during a specified time slot and includes skate hire.

Customers may use their own skates – the costs are unchanged if you chose to do so.

Customers should please note the following:

Wrist guards are strongly recommended for all skaters

2 pairs of socks are recommended for all skaters for comfort.

Skate laces should be properly fastened and tucked into the skates to avoid tripping on trailing laces.

No skates allowed in the lounge area near reception – skates must be taken off when going to the bathroom.

Mobile phones should not be used on the rink unless experienced skaters.

Drinks and snacks are available at the café at the side of the rink – We do not allow refreshments to be brought in from outside.

Drinks and food are strictly not allowed on the rink.

Rink is strictly 1 way round – skaters must not go against the traffic under any circumstances

We urge that everyone skating to use wrist guards, you may bring your own or order online and collect from Reception on arrival.

Tickets bought MUST be used in that particular session, strictly non-refundable if you miss the session.

Please bring proof of purchase for your visit.

Customers may pay cash on arrival at reception.  

Any Discount cannot be used in combination with any other offers.

Customers should please note each rink session will finish 10 minutes before the end to allow everyone to change and vacate before the next session starts.

Additional information

Session Date and Time

Fri 2 Dec 7-9pm, Sat 3 Dec 1-3pm, Sat 3 Dec 3-5pm, Sat 3 Dec 7-9pm, Sun 4 Dec 1-3pm, Sun 4 Dec 3-5pm, Fri 9 Dec 7-9pm, Sat 10 Dec 1-3pm, Sat 10 Dec 3-5pm, Sat 10 Dec 7-9pm, Sun 11 Dec 1-3pm, Sun 11 Dec 3-5pm, Fri 16 Dec 7-9pm, Sat 17 Dec 1-3pm, Sat 17 Dec 3-5pm, Sat 17 Dec 7-9pm, Sun 18 Dec 1-3pm, Sun 18 Dec 3-5pm, Sun 18 Dec 7-9pm, Mon 19 Dec 1-3pm, Mon 19 Dec 3-5pm, Tue 20 Dec 1-3pm, Tue 20 Dec 3-5pm, Wed 21 Dec 1-3pm, Wed 21 Dec 3-5pm, Thu 22 Dec 1-3pm, Thu 22 Dec 3-5pm, Fri 23 Dec 1-3pm, Fri 23 Dec 3-5pm, Fri 23 Dec 7-9pm, Sat 24 Dec 1-3pm, Sat 24 Dec 3-5pm, Mon 26 Dec 1-3pm, Tue 27 Dec 1-3pm, Tue 27 Dec 3-5pm, Wed 28 Dec 1-3pm, Wed 28 Dec 3-5pm, Thu 29 Dec 1-3pm, Thu 29 Dec 3-5pm, Fri 30 Dec 1-3pm, Fri 30 Dec 3-5pm, Fri 30 Dec 7-9pm, Sat 31 Dec 1-3pm, Sat 31 Dec 3-5pm


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